Milk Drive


What is a Milk Drive

To date, BMIK has collected over 500 pound of Human Donor Milk in 5 Milk Drives from Kamloops and area mothers and shipped it to BC Women’s Provincial Milk Bank.  


Milk from a baby’s own mother is always the first choice. When her milk isn’t available, donor milk is the next best thing. Donor milk has active beneficial properties and is similar to mother’s own milk. It provides babies with antibodies to fight disease and infection. Human milk is best for all babies. It is especially important for sick and very tiny babies. 

Human Donor Milk

Reduces the risk of NEC (Necrotizing Enterocolitis) by 79%
Helps baby’s brain grow faster
Lowers the risk of infection
Supports the immature immune system 

Donor milk is always in short supply

Breastfeeding Matters in Kamloops has been working with BC Women's Provincial Milk Bank to establish a Milk Depot in the Kamloops area.  This would be a permanent location where screened donors could drop off their frozen milk and it would be shipped to the Milk Bank on a regular basis.  Royal Inland Hospital would have access to frozen Human Donor Milk on a regular basis for at-risk preterm infants. 

BMIK held their first Milk Drive in May of 2016.  To date we have sent 500  pounds of Human Donor Milk for BC Women's Milk Bank.  ​All this wonderful donation came from dedicated volunteer mothers in our community.  Think of what we could accomplish with a depot here and more donors.   

Milk Drive Success

October 2018 - Another successful Milk Drive: 87.65 Litres!  229 pounds shipped.  Most successful ever!  Great job Mommas!  The next milk Drive is TBA but you can register through the link below

Registration Form

What can I do?

  •  Do you have more milk than your baby needs?   
  •  Are you healthy? Not taking any medications?Then you could be a donor.
  • Pump, label and freeze your extra milk
  • .Contact BC Womens Human Milk Bank to be screened.
    Let BMIK know that you are a donor and collecting with our Registration Form. You will be contacted with the drop off date, time ad location.